Enneagram: Basics + Beyond Class


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“Sooooo, What’s your number?!?!” No, I’m not asking for your phone number (although I’d love to chat). I’m talking about The Enneagram!

But wait, what is that? It’s an personality typing tool that takes not just Present-You into account, but also Past-You and your motivations behind everything. Otherwise known as one of the fastest growing ways to relate and communicate with those around you, in both business and personal settings.

Here at All The Things, the Enneagram is one of the best tools that I use in business + individual coaching, and I want to share the knowledge with you! I help clients learn more about themselves, and therefore how they can help lead others better.

Event admission covers the following:

✔ 90 minute course: “The Enneagram: The Basics + Beyond”

✔ your workbook + materials needed for the class

✔ delicious snacks + treats (Plus Coffee… can’t forgot the coffee ☕️)

✔ discounts on follow up sessions with All The Things

✔ surprise giveaways + more!

This isn’t a personality class. This is a personalized workshop to learn more about yourself, so that you can take your business to the next level, your relationships even deeper, and self-introspection to an all-time high. This is about giving you insight and the tools to do all those things, and more.

Upcoming class dates are:

Wednesday, December 4th 11:00am & 6:00pm

Sunday, December 8th, 3:00pm

Thursday, December 12th, 4:00pm

If none of the above dates work with your schedule, we will get it figured out together!


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