What is Brand Identity?

A successful brand identity is vital in today’s marketplace. Your identity defines the purpose behind your business, or why you do what you do.  By creating a brand strategy, we help you determine how, where, when and to whom you target with your marketing message.  To carve out a customer base and foster brand loyalty, we’ll show you how to set the consumer’s expectation and deliver on your brand’s promise.


Your Brand's Identity

A brand identity is how you want your business to be thought of by consumers. It's the personification of your company. Consumers quickly associate a brand with these perceived qualities or characteristics, and your identity becomes the most effective method for growing your market share.

There's a difference between identity and image. Your brand’s identity is how you want your product or service to be perceived by consumers. Your brand’s image is how consumers perceive your product or service. Your name, tone, colors, packaging, sounds and language all contribute to the make-up of your brand’s identity. The clearer and more cohesive your brand identity is, the more powerful your marketing efforts will be.

Your Brand's Story

Your brand’s story is more than the “About” page on your website. It’s substantive ideas and reasoning behind your purpose, or the core of your identity and future growth. Your character, obstacles and evolution are all chapters, establishing your quality and scarcity. Your story should foster an emotional bond, encouraging consumers to buy into your approach and participate.

Your Brand's Promise

A promise or guarantee is one of the most powerful factors in branding. It should offer a tangible, creditable result. Mentioned either subtly or more direct (e.g. “or your money back!”), a brand’s promise goes a long way in setting forth expectations and generating interest. Reliability is key in making a brand promise; consistently following through with the guarantees made to consumers will build brand strength and foster customer loyalty.