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Cheers dear friends

Here We Go

It’s that first line, the blinking curses, that HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO START THIS THING… that’s the part that gets me. Frozen mostly out of the desire to 💥 WOW but also reminding myself that it truly doesn’t matter, that literally no one will see this.

I think that the best way to start an amazing thing is to say up front that ‘oh hey guys – this is going to be quite the thing, let’s see what happens’. I know that ‘everyone’ say that – first drafts suck; be okay with sucking; don’t compare where you are at level 1 to someone else’s level 54 (Hi 👋🏻 I said that exact thing LITERALLY today). But when it’s YOUR first draft, YOUR level – it’s so much scarier.

A lot of things have gone on since All The Things started almost 2 years ago, and I’m excited to begin sharing not only what’s going on in the business side of the world, but also keeping it true to life!

“Be okay with sucking; don’t compare where you are at level 1 to someone else’s level 54”

Okay so what does All The Things actually do? Great question. Here’s a recap!

Mentoring: You have your thing, and you ROCK it. But we all get stuck. And need someone to bounce ideas, problems, thoughts, crap off of. And that’s where I come in. Mentoring comes in two varieties, Business Mentoring (overall business direction + aid), and Social Media Mentoring (taking your online game up a notch or three).
Email Marketing: Look. I promise you this: email isn’t dead. Bad emails are dead. Awful, boring, 53rd coupon from Carter’s TODAY emails are dead. Good emails? Worth their weight in Gold(fish – stock tip – always buy stock in Goldfish, churches and preschools keep them afloat).  Your emails? Even more valuable than Gold. Think cool drink of water on an August afternoon refreshing. I can make that your reality.
Enneagram Class: Knowing who you are helpings YOUR life run better. Knowing your highs and lows, what your motivation truly is, and helping others by helping yourself is the name of the game. With every client I take on, we discuss the Enneagram, and both learn how to communicate best with each other! The Enneagram is a tool that you can use literally anywhere – work, home, friends, the limit truly does not exist.
Brand Design: Every time you see your logo, a smile flirts across your face. When you walk down your office halls, the warmth and steadiness surrounding you actually make you proud to walk them. Not the case? Let’s make it happen together. From the immediate need to the long-term solutions, I’m your go-to when you have to get your look straight!

So what does that mean for you? Mostly you get to see just what All The Things does, is about, and where we’re heading in 2020. For others? You’ll learn some things along the way, as well as see some of the tools and extra’s that I use in my business! And for the rest? You’re just here for my incredible puns, I know it 😉

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